Corporate Vision 
message from our CEO

The Nikkiso Group strives to contribute to society with our original technologies that span many fields.

The Nikkiso Group developed our ideals to meet and exceed the various expectations of our customers, investors, and business partners – a great number of people who hold a high regard for Nikkiso.  Nikkiso America, as part of the Nikkiso Group, follows these ideals in order to flourish.

For more than half a century, the Nikkiso Group has striven to meet the demands of our customers, of society, and of the times in which we live, by providing original technologies and products. We will continue to be highly sensitive to our customers’ needs in order to provide products they can rely upon in a timelier manner. That is the origin of our ideals.

We will achieve our ideals by continuing to enhance the value of the Group through our operations and by making a stable return of profits to our various stakeholders.

We also aspire to be a corporation that instills a sense of pride among those who are employed by Nikkiso Group – a place where rewarding challenges, job satisfaction and a sense of achievement become a source of dreams and passion for every employee. Their dreams and passions will then link with the source of satisfaction for our customers, leading to the further growth of our Group. This is also one of our ideals.

The ideals we pursue are not fixed, nor are they a mere extension of the past. While being firmly grounded, we will set high goals and will continually consider and promptly carry out measures to achieve them.

We believe that deepening the connection between technology and the market, without losing sight of the value of our current technologies and products, and the close relationships we have fostered with our customers, as well as fulfilling our social responsibility to protect and nurture “life” and “the environment,” will lead to the greatest flourishing of the Nikkiso Group.

Your continued support and assistance are greatly appreciated.

signature of  President & CEO Toshihiko Kai