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Nikkiso constantly advances composite technologies for use in aircraft, satellites and other applications.   In addition to being a market leader in cascades used on thrust reversers, our composite technology has been applied to the production of components like ailerons (wing flaps) and blocker doors.  We’ve also transferred our technologies and production expertise to develop various satellite components and composites for other applications in general consumer industries.

Technically superior, build-to-spec manufacturing is made possible with a brand-new plant in Vietnam outfitted with all the latest equipment and managed by Japanese leadership, as well as a state-of-the art facility in Shizuoka, Japan.

Nikkiso applies our long-term market experience and production expertise as we constantly strive to enhance the use of composite materials, to improve the customer experience, quality control and manufacturing efficiency, for total reliability.

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Main Aerospace product lines

World's First Thrust Reverse Composite Cascades for Aerospace

At the end of your next flight, when you hear the engine sound become louder upon landing, take a look out of the window. You can see the cowl of the engine open, and inside you can catch a glimpse of a Nikkiso cascade.

Nikkiso developed the world’s first thrust reverser composite cascades over a quarter century ago. Today, as a market leader in cascade production, we’ve earned the trust of all major commercial aircraft manufacturers and we have components on nearly all aircraft.

Our rich aerospace history began in 1983 with the production of the first composite cascades for the PWJT9D (presently PW 4000). Soon other aircraft manufacturers were following suit and replacing their metal cascades with Nikkiso’s superior composite components for the V2500, RB211, and other models. Nikkiso’s composite cascades have since become the de facto standard, and are now used in the first design stage and are installed on aircraft including the Boeing B777 and B737, and the Airbus A340-500/600 and A380.  We will soon be featured on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the new Airbus A350.

Blocker Door Component for Boeing 777 Engine NacelleBlocker Doors

In Spring of 2011, Nikkiso shipped its first set of GE Blocker Doors to Spirit AeroSystems, marking a milestone achievement.  The blocker door is a key component on Boeing 777 engine nacelle.

The composite blocker doors, which uses superior acoustic technology, were delivered to the nacelle manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. in Wichita, KS. They are installed on the GE115 engine nacelle and shipped to Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Everett, WA, for final assembly of Boeing 777 aircraft.

Nikkiso Aileron manufacturing Ailerons

Ailerons are on the ends of the main wing of aircraft and are used for altitude control during flight. Based on our experience in the aerospace industry, we have been manufacturing these products under our strict quality control systems.

High Modulus carbon fiber tubes for aerospace applicationsTubes

Tubes for satellite structures are made of high-modulus carbon fibers. Our tubes are manufactured by materials selected to endure the harsh space environment (i.e. high vacuum state, thermal change).

Nikkiso Aerospace PanelPanels

Under the rigorous quality control system, Nikkiso’s satellite panels have cleared the customer’s demands of dimensional accuracy and weight requirements.