Nikkiso offers an automated fluid balance system that is fully integrated for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) and therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) therapies, and includes a wide range of hemofilters, plasmafilters and tubing sets that allow physicians to select the right product for each patient.

Aquarius-RCA-3-4-view-2Aquarius™ System

The Aquarius™ System is designed to deliver both CRRT and TPE.  It consists of blood and fluid pumps, user-friendly interface, scales and integrated safeguards. The Aquarius system was intelligently designed to allow health care professionals to focus on the patient while delivering customized therapy.  Aquarius has the  innovative Total Fluid Loss Management, which eliminates fluid removal discrepancies and Aquarius RCA that allows for innovative anticoagulation delivery.

The Aqualine™ tubing set is used to carry blood and fluids through the hemofilter and the CRRT system.

Aquamax™ Hemofilters maximize clinical performance with unmatched ultrafiltration and consistently high efficiency throughout the therapy.

Aqualine™ Sets include both the Aqualine tubing set and Aquamax hemofilters in a convenient package for acute blood purification treatments.

To remove waste products from the patient’s blood, two types of fluids or solutions can be used depending on the type of therapy prescribed: Accusol, a bicarbonate based substitution solution and Premix, a lactate based dialysate solution.

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