History of Innovation & technology
Nikkiso is proud to be recognized for our 50-year history of original technologies that span many fields.

Nikkiso was established in 1953 and imported, sold and ultimately manufactured special pumps.  In the 1960s and 1970s, the company built on its expertise in developing sophisticated technology and expanded from pumps into a broad range of industrial, aerospace and medical equipment as well as advanced materials.

Today, the Nikkiso Group’s host of products includes fluid equipment, water conditioning systems for thermal and nuclear power plants, medical products and carbon fiber products.  Nikkiso operates and sells its products around the world, having built a global reputation for unparalleled quality, dependability and exquisite engineering that’s driven by market needs and a desire to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

The Nikkiso Group established Nikkiso America in 2006 to bring its reputation for innovative and reliable products to the US, and successfully established subsidiaries Microtrac, Nikkiso Pumps America and Nikkiso Cryo.  In 2009 Nikkiso America established its new headquarters in San Diego and is dedicated to maintaining Nikkiso’s reputation for unparalleled technology, market responsiveness and customer service.

Nikkiso’s 50-Year History:

  • Special Pump CO., LTD established in Japan.
  • Company launches sales of Milton Roy pumps (metering pumps) as exclusive Japanese dealer for Milton Roy Company, U.S.A.
  • Company provides Japan’s first artificial heart to the Kimoto Surgical Department at the University of Tokyo.
  • Company renamed Nikkiso Co., Ltd.
  • Company completes development of Japan’s first dialysis machines.
  • Listing on the first sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • Start of production and sales of dialyzers for dialysis machines.
  • Begin production and sales of CFRP products for aerospace.
  • Company builds medical device factory and electronics factory.
  • Company obtains a technology license from Leeds & Northrup (now Honeywell Inc.) to manufacture Microtrac particle size analyzers and water analyzers that led to subsequent Microtrac acquisition.
  • Company licenses carbon fiber technology to Boeing Co., U.S.A.
  • Nikkiso Cryo established in Nevada.
  • Establishment of Nikkiso Medical GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, and launch of DBB-03 hemodialysis machine in Germany
  • Company establishes Microtrac, Inc. in the USA to develop new Microtrac particle size analyzers and strengthen sales.
  • Company establishes Nikkiso Pumps America, Inc. as a production and sales base for pumps in North America.
  • Company establishes Nikkiso America, Inc. to administer Nikkiso subsidiaries in North America and strengthen business.
  • Takeover of MeSys in Hanover, Germany – Hemofiltration Acute Business.
  • Acquisition of LEWA pumps + systems in Leonberg, Germany.
  • Nikkiso America relocates to San Diego, its current headquarters.
  • DBB-06 hemodialysis system receives 510K clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Grand opening of new state-of-the-art, low-cost manufacturing plant in Vietnam for Nikkiso Aerospace products.

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