Nikkiso DBB-06 Dialysis System
DBB-06 Dialysis System


Dealing directly with human life, we take our responsibilities seriously.  Our goal as a comprehensive manufacturer of dialysis products is to build and maintain the trust and peace of mind of our customers and the patients who need dialysis.

Nikkiso’s premier dialysis system in the US, the DBB-06 delivers an enhanced ability to consistently improve both patient outcomes and clinical efficiency.  The DBB-06 provides exceptional effectiveness, efficiency and reliability at an affordable life cycle cost. It includes a full range of features such as UF and conductivity profiling, ultrapure dialysate, and patient blood pressure monitoring, and it’s extremely quiet.  Moreover, there are many additional features of the DBB-06 that truly make it stand out.

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Contributes to Improved Patient Outcomes:

The DBB-06 offers Haemo-Master®  Blood Volume Monitor that does not require additional disposables or added cost per treatment.

  • The BVM aids in fluid removal, lowering complications during the session as well as long-term by helping to correct patient dry weight targets.
  • The unique adaptive feedback feature of the BVM allows for automatic changes of fluid removal to achieve desired outcomes.

The Dialysis Dose Monitor is a real-time monitor of the dialysis dose that can assist the care provider to ensure the quality of the dialysis treatment.

  • With the measured Kt/V displayed in graphic form with a projection line, deviations from the treatment goal can be seen at an early stage and the care provider can react accordingly.
  • Past studies have shown that the actual delivered dialysis dose influences long-term outcomes and quality of life for the 468,000 U.S. patients on chronic dialysis.

User-Friendly Features that Increase Clinical Efficiency:

   A self-prompting touchscreen interface allows easy data entry.
   The storage and easy recall of up to 16 patient prescriptions saves time setting up treatment.
   It has automated features to disinfect, prime the blood lines and decalcify without extra steps that require technician time, such as:

  • Programmable automatic wake-up for disinfection or rinse.
  • Auto prime of blood line and dialyzers.
  • Heat Citric, which combines the daily decalcification with the disinfection processinto one easy step.

Performance to Rely On:

   The DBB-06 Mean Time Between Failure is the highest in the industry.

  • Mean Time Between Failure or MTBF is the amount of time before the machine requires an emergency repair.

Designed with Patient Safety in Mind:

   An automatic battery backup system for up to 30 minutes during power failures is a standard feature to allow for automated and safe return of the patient’s blood.

  •  The DBB-06 avoids the need for hand-pumping, which is required by most other dialysis machines.

   Continuous monitoring of the fluid removal system identifies and catches leaks before they cause harm, without reduction in dialysis time.

  • The DBB-06 conducts a pre-treatment check and a continuous check of the balancing system and UF removal pump during treatment.

Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness:

    The DBB-06 is easy to maintain.

  • It only takes seconds to access internal components.
  • The technician screen provides information on hydraulic functions and saves historic events.

   Features such as a heat exchanger and standby mode for dialysate flow make the DBB-06 resource-efficient.

  • Reduction of dialysate flow during standby periods minimizes waste water or concentrates while waiting for your next patient.
  • Its lower dialysis solution flow rate lowers power consumption.
  • A heat exchanger preheats incoming water to increase energy efficiency.

Blood Tubing Lines (for dialysis machine) banner

Nikkiso offers blood tubing lines for double-needle and single-needle dialysis treatments:
blood tubing lines for double-needle and single needle dialysis treatment
  Multi-purpose blood tubing lines for the DBB-06.
  Environmentally friendly steam-sterilized blood tubing system.

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